"Alpen Gleaux" SEEDLESS Boutique (Indoor) CBD Hemp Flower

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Small batch craft indoor purple auto flower.  About to sell out...  Get in line for the next run!

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1oz Samples: $250 Each (Free Shipping)


🔑 Beans / Seed Content: Seedless

✂️ Look / Trim: 💎 Boutique Hand Trimmed

👃 Nose / Smell: LOUD Hazy "Jack" Nose on this exotic autoflower genetic.  Looks and smells similar to some Purple Abacus we've seen/smelled in the past.  Smells like whatever Jimmy Hendrix was thinking about when he sung "Purple Haze".  Instant Classic!

✅ Haze (incense, perfume, subtle citrus)
✅ Sour (chemical, ammonia)
✅ Pine (pinsol, pine sap/needles)