"Hempress 3" SEEDLESS Boutique (Greenhouse) CBD Hemp Flower

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Uniquely Desirable (Non-Hempy Look/Nose) Exotic "New New" Frosty High-End Looks & Bag Appeal, "Poppin Out The Bag" Strong Satisfying Sour Sweet Smells of Straight Gas Funk and Creamy Tropical Fruit Flavored Floral Essences of Dream Nectar from Hempress Herself.... 


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1oz Samples: $100 Each (Free Shipping)

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  • Bags (10lbs) $405/lb
  • Boxes (100lbs) $385/lb
  • Cases (1,000lbs) $375/lb

🔑 Beans / Seed Content: Seedless

✂️ Look / Trim: 💎 Boutique Hand Trimmed

👃 Nose / Smell: LOUD Designer boutique terpene profiles display the classic Afghani Kush expression with deep exotic gassy notes of sour funk followed by sweet tropical fruit and euphoric dolphin dreams...

✅ Gas (diesel fuel)
✅ Cream (cake, vanilla, caramel)
✅ Sour (chemical, ammonia
✅ Fruit (non-citrus fruits, berries, tropical)


Want to GROW Hempress 3?

🌱🌱🌱 Hempress 3 is an Approved Industrial Hemp Cultivar in California, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Florida, Wisconsin.  All required registration documents are publicly available on breeders website Hempress3.com.