🔑 Seed Content: 

  1. Seedless* = True "Sinsemilla", NO seeds, up to 1-2 per 100LBs max
  2. Damn Near Seedless = Up to 1-5 per 1LB max
  3. Some Seeds = Up to 6-20 per 1LB
  4. Seeded = Over 20 per 1LB

* EXTREMELY RARE: We ONLY designate our hemp flower as "seedless" if we as buyers have transacted 100lbs+ multiple times with product passing QC to our "seedless" standard we've defined here.  We QC all hemp flower and report seed content as accurately as possible.  Past performance does not guarantee future results, as crops vary.

🖐 "SEEDLESS" CHALLENGE: 99+ of 100 sellers claiming they have “seedless” hemp flower would have zero fingers left if I were to cut off a finger for every seed I find in their bags doing QC of 100lbs. I often mention this to farmers and sellers of hemp flower, then I ask something like, "Do you have 100lbs of seedless flower I can QC under bright lights, grinding through every bud, without finding ANY seeds, you are willing to bet your fingers on?"  

Turns out, most seedless claims are like everyone else’s... with 5, 10, 20+ beans in every bag once it’s gone through.  I’m tired of traveling and buying samples (1, 10, 100+ lbs) all over the states on promises of "seedless" flower only to find disappointment after disappointment.

💵 If you're willing to "bet your fingers" your hemp flower is seedless, then please contact


✂️ Trim:

💎 Boutique Hand Trimmed = Uniform, consistent and tight, 2” max length, no extra leaf, no crows feet, no major stems, NEVER ran through a machine and "jar ready".

Hand Trimmed = Mostly uniform and consistent size, may see some extra leaf and crows feet.  Most often machine trimmed and hand finished.

Machine Trimmed = Some variance in consistency of size, most likely to have extra leaf, crows feet, and stems.

Machine Trimmed "Smalls" = Size of a quarter/dime or less, "pebbles", usually left with some extra leaf, crows feet, and stem.

Bucked = Flower removed "scissor bucked" from the stalk that has not been trimmed with bud and possibly water leaf still intact.  Size and shape of buds as well as amount of waterleaf are variables.

"On the Stick"= Flower of various size still attached to the branch.


👃 Smell / Nose: 

✅ Gas (diesel fuel)
✅ Sour (chemical, ammonia)
✅ Earth (soil, woody)
✅ Nutty (popcorn, almonds)
✅ Cream (cake, vanilla, caramel)
✅ Fruit (non-citrus fruits, berries, tropical)
✅ Citrus (lemon, lime, orange)
✅ Mint (eucalyptus, camphor, peppermint)
✅ Pine (pinsol, pine sap/needles)
✅ Haze (incense, perfume, subtle citrus)


      • Myrcene
      • Terpinolene
      • Ocimene
      • Limonene
      • β Caryophyllene
      • β Pinene
      • α Pinene
      • α Humulene
      • α Phellandrene
      • 3 Carene
      • Linalool
      • α Terpinene
      • γ Terpinene
      • Valencene
      • Fenchol
      • Terpineol
      • Camphene
      • Sabinene
      • Caryophyllene Oxide
      • Borneol
      • Sabinene Hydrate
      • α Bisabolol
      • Guaiol
      • Eucalyptol
      • Fenchone
      • (-)-Isopulegol
      • Camphor
      • Isoborneol
      • Menthol
      • NerolR-(+)-Pulegone
      • Geraniol
      • Geranyl Acetate
      • α CedreneNerolidol
      • Cedrol


      Smokable Hemp Flower Grading:

      Color, size, trim, smell, bag appeal...