How HHW Works

Thank you for visiting Hero Hemp Wholesale. 

Our goal is to streamline the buying process by answering initial purchasing questions as efficiently as possible. This allows for the best use of time sourcing and delivering vetted products to you. Please refer to the following steps to find what you need.

1. Search / Browse 

Use our “Custom Search” to filter all products by Cultivar, Nose / Smell, Seed / Bean Content, Look / Trim Quality or Specific Requirements, like D9, Total THC, EU Compliance, Organic etc... 

Check out our CBD & CBG Hemp Flower listings for Descriptions, Photos / Video, Lab Reports (COA), Quantities Available, and Pricing.

2. Place an Order

Orders are placed by selecting add to cart or buy now. An email address and shipping information are required.

Shipping on all CBD & CBG Hemp Flower Ounce / Pound Samples is Free (USPS 2 Day Priority Mail). For other orders, a HHW representative will contact you and discuss shipping logistics to best suit your needs.

Select your desired form of accepted payments at checkout. We "DO NOT" accept credit cards because avoiding bank fees further helps us to provide price-penetrating prices directly to you.

Review your order before confirmation.  

3. Complete Payment

Attention! Payment is not complete after checkout.

A confirmation email will be sent after checkout with payment instructions based on your selection. A HHW representative will contact you for logistics and shipping details on larger orders. Payment is required for all orders to be processed and shipped.

If you have further questions please visit our Definitions and FAQ's pages or the links at the bottom of any page. 

We’re here to help you make the maximum ROI per Dollar per Day for your Hemp Business here at Hero Hemp Wholesale.