"Wedding Cake" CBD Hemp Flower

Hero Hemp

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1oz Samples: $35 Each (Free Shipping)

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  • Bags (10lbs) $280/lb
  • Boxes (100lbs) $260/lb
  • Cases (1,000lbs) $250/lb

🔑 Beans / Seed Content: Some Seeds

✂️ Look / Trim: 💎 Hand Trimmed

👃 Nose / Smell: LOUD👌Cure on point for these Wedding Cakes after hanging to dry... smell jumps right out the bags, like Lemon Pie Kush.. LPK... Lemon Cream Gassy Cakes! Designer boutique terpene profiles taken to a new level smell like something you've never smelled before, and definitely not like hemp.

✅ Citrus (lemon, lime, orange)
✅ Gas (diesel fuel)
✅ Nutty (popcorn, almonds)
✅ Pine (woody, resinous)
✅ Sour (chemical, ammonia)